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Bed Bug FAQ

How Does A Bed Bug Infestation Start?

You can come in contact with bed bugs on a few occasions. Travel and overnight accommodations being the top 2. Heavy traffic through your home is another. Of course you can come in contact with a person having them unknowingly.

How Much is A Bed Bug Service?

Bed Bug treatments can range depending on a few factors of the customer. Of course each treatment has a different price but each situation presents a different price upon those factors.

What Should I do if I have A Bed Bug Outbreak?

The first thing that you should if you’ve come in contact with a bed bug is wash and dry all of your clothes, linens and fabrics. The next is call a professional to have a deep examination of your entire property.

What Are Bed Bug Symptoms?

Top 5 Bed Bug Symptoms:
1. Constant itchiness in same places
2. Reoccurring red spots (in times in a cluster or row)
3. Unknown allergic reaction
4. Dark spots on sheets
5. White flakes around bed and on sheets.