Bed Bug Inspection

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Our team of specialized staff examine your property with detail. checking for any bed bug presence. Thoroughly examining your bedding area, baseboards. luggage and furniture. There are several things to look for that is why we use a ultra-violet light to detect such existence.

If you have been traveling or being in contact with large amount of people on a continued basis and your waking up with bites than it is quite possible you have bed bugs. Typically there brought into your home by luggage or clothing.  In the early stages of bed bugs, very few signs may be noticeable which is why you need a trained technician to truly identify any activity in your home.

How To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation.

First in order to detect an any symptoms we have our technicians go through a highly extensive training process that is always ever-changing because bed bugs are constantly evolving and finding new ways to hide and terrorize people. Inspections are key so we teach Not only on-paper training but on the ground training so that they know what to look for, not skipping any steps when it comes to eradicating bed bugs. THE DETAILS MATTER FOR US.

Second once we feel the tech is ready to move on they will be assisted on the ground examining. This means checking furniture, walls and cracks. Bed Bugs love a messy environment. there are many signs that can lead to a bed bug infestation awareness. Unfortunately people only see the surface signs such as bites, but we go deeper and find the true problem. Your home can have an abundance for bed bugs to seek shelter.

Third After thoroughly inspecting the entire property, because in order to get a detail report on the situation we must check ALL possible areas. These bugs are sneaky and can find there way throughout your home or place of work. We want to make sure you get the best treatment from a professional charlotte pest control service.

Bed Bug Treatment Process

You will have a consultation with our bed bug inspector to verify any presence of bed bug life. If so, we will then discuss the proper protocol for you to follow.

1. Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

Following the inspection and treatment situation you will then receive a list in order to get your home setup in order to receive the best results possible. Each Treatment has a different setup and for the heat treatments they are even more in-depth.

2. Preventative Measures

Once the treatment is complete we will then grant you another list of things to look for as well as do to make sure everything after follows accordingly. If you have purchased bedding encasements we will apply for you

3. Bed Bug Warranty

Once the process is completed you will then be awarded a warranty.

Eco Bed Bug Sweet Dreams Package

A Treatment Like No Other


Complete Bed Bug Control

Good sleep is an underrated luxury and when that becomes interrupted with doubt and terror that brings a another element, That is why our Sweet Dreams Package will help you regain your home and most importantly your comfort back.

Safety First

The safety of our customers and employee’s are the main priority for us. A process backed by science and natural resources causes for no damage to your home and zero harm to your family.

Why Heat?

Heat Remediation effectively eliminates bed bugs in ALL PHASES of life from egg to adult. Producing immediate results where as typical treatments might have a long-term time frame. Heat penetrates walls, furniture, mattresses, cracks and crevices finding bed bugs where ever they’re hiding. Bed Bug Heat Treatment.

What If The Bed Bugs Return?

We are confident that the effectiveness of our Treatment will entirely erase any bed bug life in your home. In the case of you finding bed bugs again then we will re-service your property if warranty is applied.

Do You Provide Commercial Treatments?

Of course! We provide our commercial services throughout North Carolina and South Carolina. If you need help figuring out which treatments are best for your customers and employees then give us a call and we can further discuss your situation. No matter small to large facilities, retirement homes, hotels, apartment complex or warehouse’s, Eco Bed Bug is right for you!