Bed Bug Heat Treatment

There is no question that the best process for eliminating bed bugs is through bed bug heat treatment. Successfully getting rid of bed bugs relies on a few factors such as early detection, proper preparation and correct treatment methods. In fact, many bed bug infestations occur within a few inches or feet of their food source (humans), like near a bed or other close furniture.

Because of their small size, they can hide in any crevice. As a result, these pests can be very difficult to get rid of. That is why it is ideal to contact a professional bed bug company before the problem worsens. However in order to get the best results you’ll need to inform yourself on the treatment and process.

What is A Heat Treatment?

Bed bugs die when exposed to high temperatures for an extended period. If performed properly, heat treatment for bed bugs can be a highly effective procedure.

We seal the home (sectional) and use our commercial grade heaters to raise the internal temperature to between 135-145 degrees. This is hot enough to destroy all bed bugs and their eggs, yet not enough to destroy your property or electronics. Guaranteeing your safety.

When heat is applied this way, it penetrates walls and crevices where we are unable to reach with traditional pesticides. Heat treatments have a nearly perfect effectiveness rate.

A Bed Bug Heat treatment is 100% non-toxic and most of the time will not require you to throw out your mattresses or any other furniture.

Best Bed Bug Treatment

Over the last decade, heat treatments have become the preferred method of bedbug removal with pest control experts. This is because pest control technicians can carefully identify the infestation closely over specific time farm when visiting your home or business to completely remove bedbugs. At that time, no chemicals will be applied, and more importantly, heat is the only method known to destroy bedbug eggs. No pesticide on the market can penetrate eggs, which means if you don’t use heat, the struggle to control these pests will continue after an initial treatment.

Even if they’re hiding in cracks and holes, it will reach and kill them. Heat slips through all cracks and crevices so bedbugs cannot find a place to hide. Our heat treatments work by increasing the temperature slowly in the home to 140-degrees or higher.

Bedbugs can come from almost anywhere; traveling, work, visits, commute etc. Stop stressing about how and where you got them and start planning on getting rid of them. Our experienced and well-trained technicians, all with countless hours of training and on-site experience, guarantee you the most accurate and efficient inspection available.

Heat Treatment Preparation

Like anything preparation is key, especially when it comes to setting up for a bed bug heat treatment. If done correctly you will never have to worry about these critters again.

The majority of items in your home can handle the temperature of a bedbug heat treatment. However, Before the heat treatment begins, talk to your bed bug control professional to figure out what items can stay put throughout the process. Vulnerable items can be left outside the home for the duration of the treatment. Let your bed bug control professional know about these items, as they may need to inspect and treat them separately to ensure you don’t reintroduce bed bugs into your home.

This will all be further explained to you in detail with a complete list of thorough directions so that there isn’t any confusion.

Bed Bug Treatment Safety

Even though our process can be done within the same day we won’t skip any steps. Meaning, if we feel as the exposure time needs to be elevated we will communicate that through you during the treatment.

First Things First: Bed Bug Inspection

We perform inspections because…

Early Confirmation will not only will help your pockets but make the process more efficient. Bed bugs are less expensive and much easier to get rid of before they spread throughout your home. Our expert techs are trained to look for ALL the signs of bed bug related activity and can determine a possible length of time you may have been dealing with your bed bug problem through specific detections.

We will confirm that bedbugs are not in your home. If you’ve been exposed to bedbugs elsewhere, avoid unnecessary medications and trips to the doctor. Unknown skin irritations can be easily treated once you discover bed bugs are the cause.


  • Avoid moving any furniture or bedding from one room to another
  • Reduce clutter, especially around your most used sleeping and sitting areas.
  • Have a set of trash bags set aside for our technicians to help bag your bedding as they inspect it.

Our specialist are always ready to work hard to help you fix the problem. We can provide you with tips and suggestions for dealing with the infestations. In addition too, we’ll give you advice for keeping bedbugs away.

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