Do Bed Bugs Spread Coronavirus?

Coronavirus (scientifically known as COVID-19) has ravaged the world in this past year causing more fear than ever. Bed Bug levels have risen tremendously in the past year. The thought of having to deal with both of these matters is just too much to handle for some people, that is why we are here to explain.

Bed Bugs & Coronavirus

Since the introduction of COVID-19, we have been in a disarray to what actually this disease is and how it can actually spread. It is common for a person to think that insects as well can carry the disease since in past history they have been known to do so (i.e: Malaria). This fear of bites and other contact with such bugs can infiltrate your body with the disease has not yet been proven. In actuality bed bugs have not yet been proven to carry any disease let alone this one.

Then there is the animals and pet side to the conversation. Transmission by animals has been documented, so the second thought of your pet attracting the virus is definitely a cause for concern. The CDC specifies in research that COVID transmission through cats, dogs and other animals in one of the examples.

Although the evidence has not been shown we still suggest that caution should be required. Bed bugs can transmit bacteria and with physical interaction (such as bites) you can develop an infection if not treated right.

Bed Bugs are not known to spread disease

Unlike Mosquitos who have been labeled one of the deadliest creatures to carry disease. Bed bugs on the other hand have not been given that tittle, surprisingly though bed bugs are suspected of transmitting over 40 microorganisms. These infectious agents are strong candidates for disease transmission even via bed bugs.

Are Bed Bug Infestations Still on The Rise?

Unfortunately yes, Bed Bug populations have been surging and projections think that even more so during this recent pandemic. Especially as outside starts to open back up and travel comes more prevalent.


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