Bed Bug Bites vs. Mosquito Bites

There has been confusion over the years of identifying the different types of bites a person can receive. Especially between Bed Bugs and Mosquitos. Properly distinguishing these two will let you know the necessary steps in order to eliminate these bugs.

How Bed Bugs Look

Every person reacts differently to bites but even though they have vast differences there are some similarities in the two. First the differences, some may not have any reaction to a Bed Bug bite but if so then you’ll recognize red areas that are raised, resembling a pimple-like form. Whereas a mosquito bites comes in all sizes with a white discoloration. Mosquito bites are also typically spread out on the body, while bed bug bites are usually clustered — forming a pattern or link to others (bites). Lastly it can take a few hours or days for bed bug bites to appear unlike mosquito bites where they can show up instantly.

The Importance

It is NECESSARY to discover whether or not you have bed bugs and the signs are not always the most clear cut. Bed Bugs can be anywhere in your home, not just the bedroom, so when searching, look throughout your home. Bed Bugs will try and outsmart you, meaning they’ll move around at a strategic pace and of course wait at night until your sleep. The bad thing about bed bugs is that they are year round.

However Mosquito bites are very seasonal creatures — mostly in warm temperatures, so you’ll run into these pest being outdoors. There are over 200 species in the mosquito family making them quite disperse but all seem to be active later in the day. Bites most often happen when next to bodies of water or outdoors for long periods of time, of course if you leave a window or door open they will enter your home no matter the temperature.

Comparison Chart

Bed Bug BitesMosquito Bites
Flat shaped welts filled with stained blood at the center.Oddly shaped welts that have reddish or pinkish boundaries.
In a zigzag, or regular cluster like fashion.In an irregular, random and isolated fashion.
Lasts for several weeks.Lasts for several days.
A male and female bed bug that crawls.The only female mosquito that flies.
Irrespective of climate.Mostly in a warm climate.
Itching, a few hours or days after the bite.Instant itching the moment a mosquito bites.
Usually found on furniture, in shoes, clothing, beds, etc.Usually found in stagnant water, in the air, flying above lights.

Bed Bug & Mosquito Symptoms

Bed Bug symptoms are a little bit more difficult than Mosquito symptoms. In fact a person might not have any bed bug symptoms at all. However if an itch does occur then you might not see it for some time. Not only do bed bug bites take a few days to show up, they also take longer to go away — Anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks. On the other hand Mosquito symptoms are easier to identify. If you start to develop an annoying itch out of nowhere than it was most likely a mosquito attack. In some cases you can develop a blister or skin infection but this is only after not treating your bite mark.

Treating Bed Bug & Mosquito Bites

Once being bitten you will need to clean the affected areas with cold water and soap. Keeping your skin clean reduces the chances of infection, If you start to experience discomfort or itching then apply a topical antibiotics (Benadryl Itch/Neosporin/etc.)

Similar to bed bug bites if you’ve been bitten clean the affected area. Apply an ice pack or something cold to the area in order to help the itching sensation and keep swelling down. You can also use a topical ointment if needed. Mosquito bites only last for a day or two.


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